Geda Mazeikiene

My path to the profession of dentistry began fifteen years ago when I entered the medical school in Vilnius, majoring in nursing. After graduating from school, I started working as an assistant dentist where I realized that the work of a dentist is very interesting for me, and it is in this specialty that I would like to improve. I continued my studies at Kaunas Medical Academy.

When I started working as a dentist, I became interested in paediatric dentistry, especially in its preventive field. I began to delve into child psychology, taking an interest in cognitive and behavioural therapy, as well as the psychological aspects of dental anxiety. I successfully apply the acquired knowledge in practice, as well as to educate the parents of patients on the issues of children’s dental care. My goal is for the next generation of Lithuanian children to grow up without the fear of dentists and with healthy teeth!


1995 graduated from Kaunas Medical Academy.2006 finished residency of paediatric dentistry at Vilnius University. Geda Mažeikienė has extensive experience in working with children and knows the peculiarities of child psychology. Geda gives great attention to the prevention of children’s dental diseases. Currently, Geda performs paediatric dental treatment procedures, applies conservative tooth decay treatment techniques, and performs paediatric dental treatment with sedation and general anaesthesia.

Membership in professional organizations

Member of the Lithuanian Chamber of Dentists

Qualification improvement

Geda is constantly improving with courses, seminars, and conferences organized in Lithuania, participates in international congresses, and publishes articles in specialized magazines. Interested in, and widely applying, the latest dental treatments to children, Geda specializes in the prevention of early tooth decay in children and other relevant areas of paediatric dentistry.

Meet Geda Mažeikienė

How to prepare your child for a visit to the dentist?

How to prepare your child for a visit to the dentist? – Pediatric dentist Geda Mažeikienė shares her experience: “Children’s visits to the dentist are one of the most important steps in shaping and determining not only oral and dental health, but also individual approach to dental treatment. It is recommended that a visit to the dentist takes place even when no toothache is felt and the teeth look healthy.”