The philosophies of our family clinic: Reliability, Ensuring loyalty through exceptional service, Quality guaranteed, All dental services under one roof

Our story

Taking care of your smile since 1995

The Mackevičiai Family Dentistry Clinic is one of the first wide procedure spectrum dental centres in Lithuania, founded by professional dentists Astijus and Birutė Mackevičiai.

After graduating from a university in Lithuania, we were accepted into an internship in the United States where we got acquainted with the model of a modern dental clinic, the professional customer service they provide, and we have now successfully applied the knowledge we gained to the clinic we established in our home country.

We believe we have succeeded in creating a special family clinic with our unique concept of reliability and sincere hospitality, combined with outstanding professionalism.

An attentive and responsible approach to clients’ health, a professional reputation, constant skill development, and the best modern dental technologies are essential aspects of our family’s professional activities.

Our values


The health, trust, well-being, and comfort of our patients.


High professionalism and its continuous improvement.

Minimal invasivity

Comfortable and minimally invasive dental treatment.

Dental aesthetics

Not only high-quality but also aesthetic dental treatment.

Our mission

Comprehensive, professional, and sincere care for clients’ health. Provision of the best dental services using advanced treatment methods, the latest equipment, and modern quality materials.

The goal of our clinic’s specialists is to meet the expectations of each patient by providing high-quality modern dental treatment.

In our clinic, special attention is paid to the psychological comfort of our clients, which our specialists ensure by:

  • Providing patients with open and comprehensive information on dental treatment and prevention.
  • Performing minimally invasive dental treatment to reduce pain and discomfort during the procedures and rehabilitation as well as preserving as much natural tissue as possible.
  • Offering all types of anaesthesia (sedation, local or general anaesthesia) during treatment procedures and surgeries.
  • Taking care of the aesthetics of each client’s smile.

Our clinic keeps pace with the modern trends and innovations in the field of dentistry, and as such are constantly expanding the range of services offered and raising the level of their quality.

We pass on all the knowledge and experience we have gained over many years of honest work to our daughters, Monika and Miglė, who are determined to continue the responsible medical profession chosen by their parents.

Our team

It is no secret that a happy and fulfilled life is impossible without timely quality health care.

In this regard, it is extremely important that you consult highly experienced, genuine dentistry experts, who will:

  • Carefully listen and appreciate your personal wishes and preferences.
  • Provide detailed and understandable information about treatment options and oral disease prevention measures.
  • Provide you and your loved ones with quality and comprehensive assistance in dental prevention and treatment.

Guided by our values ​​and mission, we have been able to bring together a strong team of professional dentists, combining professionals of all areas of modern dentistry. Our doctors are always ready to provide both high-quality treatment and detailed information on the treatment and prevention methods of dental diseases.

The team of specialists in our clinic constantly monitors the innovations of the world of dentistry, integrates new advanced treatment methods and technologies into our catalogue of services, and raises the clinic’s professional qualification both in Lithuania and abroad.

The most important value of our clinic is our clients. By entrusting us with your treatment, you not only get a high-quality result, but also a friendly atmosphere, care, and individual, personalised approach.

Sincerely yours, the Mackevičiai family