Urgent dental care

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Urgent dental care

Whether it’s a cracked tooth, unexpected pain and swelling, a broken filling or a prosthesis – For all cases requiring urgent dental care, we can provide it in the closest time possible.

In what cases is urgent dental care needed?

In case of a sudden toothache or other unpleasant sensations, it is recommended that you consult a dentist as soon as possible. Pain or swelling may be the first sign of the development of dental diseases, and their early diagnosis facilitates treatment and often requires minimal invasiveness.

illustration of an injured tooth

Dental trauma

Teeth can be injured for a variety of reasons: sports injuries, biting hard foods, traffic accidents, and more. Tooth injuries can occur as small cracks in the enamel as well as large fractures of the crown or tooth root. In severe cases of dental trauma, anti-inflammatory drugs should be applied as soon as possible. If the tooth has ruptured to the inside, it can get infected causing pulpitis, a root cyst formation in the tooth, and eventually leading to loss of the tooth.

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Toothache can be caused by a variety of reasons: tooth surface cracking, tooth decay damage, gingival and dental nerve inflammation, bruxism (uncontrolled grinding of the teeth), jaw joint pathologies, and many other oral and general health problems. Urgent diagnosis of pain-causing pathology ensures a rapid and uncomplicated process of treatment and rehabilitation.

illustration of tooth inflammation

Inflammation of a tooth nerve

If the tooth has been traumatised (cracked to the internal organ of the pulp), or deeply damaged by tooth decay, pulpitis may occur. Pulpitis is an inflammation of the inner part of the tooth (pulp) and neglecting treatment can result in the loss of the tooth and further complications of the damaged part of the mouth (especially the adjacent teeth). Inflammation of the tooth pulp can cause sharp pain, tenderness, swelling and even fever. Pulpitis is treated by deep cleaning of the tooth root canals. The complexity of the procedure depends on how quickly the inflammation was diagnosed.

illustration of tooth removal

Tooth extraction

Urgent tooth extraction may be required if the tooth has been untreated for a long time and has been irreversibly damaged by tooth decay or another dental disease. Urgent tooth extraction is usually required in children when milk or first permanent teeth are damaged and their restoration is impossible.

illustration of aesthetic tooth restoration

Aesthetic problems and care of prostheses

Urgent dental care is required in the event of a sudden fall-out or rupture of a dental filling, fracture of the front tooth, or aesthetic prostheses (e.g. laminates). Injuries or eating hard foods can also cause other artificial prostheses, such as crowns or inlays, to fall out or break. In this case, additional dental filling and prosthetics are performed, and dental aesthetics are restored as soon as possible.